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Style chapter 3: Right words, No clutter
vandanagoyal wrote in visionindia2047
Use less words instead of more. Use them with imagination but correctly to make an impact. Imagine the sound of your mind thinking. Then try to use the words your mind uses while thinking. You will realize there is no clutter in your thinking. Demonstrate that style in your writing. Writing is good when you sound like yourself. Make sure you have said what you mean to say clearly and precisely.
Language should not be ambiguous, repetitive or pretentious. Get rid of the clutter and streamline your writing.
There are many words which just make writing longer not better. They add nothing to the meaning. Replace them with precise expressions.
It is incorrect to use words like "absolutely necessary", "actual facts", "all time record" together because 'necessary' alone is enough, 'facts' alone means 'actual facts', 'record' is an 'all time record'.

Likewise, in the examples below, words in the brackets are redundant:

advance (forward)
(advance) planning
(added) bonus
(armed) gunman
ask (the question)
ATM (machine)
blend (together)
(brief) moment
(brief) summary
circulate (around)
compete (with each other)
(constantly) maintained
could (possibly)
crisis (situation)
curative (process)
(current) trend
(desirable) benefits
(different) kinds
each (and every)
earlier (in time)
eliminate (altogether)
emergency (situation)
(empty) hole
empty (out)
(empty) space
enclosed (herein)
(end) result
enter (in)
few (in number)
filled (to capacity)
(final) conclusion
(full) satisfaction
fuse (together)
(future) plans
green (in color)
grow (in size)
HIV (virus)
introduced (a new)
introduced (for the first time)
(joint) collaboration
lag (behind)
(local) residents
made (out) of
(major) breakthrough
(major) feat
(natural) instinct
never (before)
(new) beginning
(old) custom
(old) proverb
(past) history
(past) records
refer (back)
(safe) haven
small (size)
(small) speck
(still) persists
(still) remains
(sudden) impulse
(sum) total
surrounded (on all sides)
(total) destruction
(ultimate) goal
(very) unique
warn(in advance)
weather (conditions)
whether (or not)
In using simple words reader will see your respect for them and their time by putting thought and effort into the writing.

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