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Style Chapter 5: Honest Writing
vandanagoyal wrote in visionindia2047
One of the most important features of good writing is its honesty and trueness. The writing should be author's true voice.

Writing should be true to the subject, feelings and style. Choose a subject you care about. Then write with passion, accuracy and good language. Do not attempt to show more knowledge than you have. Best writing is about your feelings and passion for the subject.

At the same time it is very important to restrain your passion and not ramble. If you write while you are still bleeding and the tears flowing, the writing will be very raw. Famous English poet Wordsworth advised a would be poet " to let the sharp pain dwindle into a dull ache." Then you will remember only the important parts of your experience.

Show, don’t tell. Show your passion and knowledge, do not show them off. Honest writing suggests and states the facts without detailing the emotions it wants us to feel or drawing any conclusions for us. A great writer would simply show how a poor & hungry child is fighting with a dog for food without actually saying how hungry and desperate the child is.

Honest writing dares. Courage does not mean to mock and criticise others. The bravest are able to look within and self evaluate.

The writing style should be as unique to you as your fingerprints.You may take tips from writers whose writing you like but finally imbibe it all in your own style. Otherwise your writing will sound fake and hollow.

While you are revising your work, evaluate the heart of your writing. Does it reflect you and your feelings?

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