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Vision India 2047 "Guide to Writing and Style" - Introduction
vandanagoyal wrote in visionindia2047
The Vision India 2047 "Guide to Writing and Style" is the standards that will define all writing accepted by us.
These emphasise correct, simple, fresh and informal writing.
Content of the writing is of primary importance but the language chosen to convey the idea should be simple and not a hash of slang, colloquialisms and foreign words. It would be good to keep a typical reader in mind while writing. It is good to assume he is intelligent but willing to be informed on the subject so long as you are able to win him over. Pomposity will put him off.
The writing style should be lucid and language should be used as a tool to build and express the idea. Content should not be used as a showcase for writer's knowledge of the language but the other way round. The writing should not strive to make the reader scramble to the dictionary but to touch him. Language should persuade and convert the reader. Words should be simple, appropriate and effective. Use fewest possible words to convey the meaning.
It is best to write in language that you think in. Submissions are also accepted in Hindi language.
Hindi and all the other Indian languages are rich, vibrant and very expressive. But they have no place in English writing. For example Baton should be used instead of Lathi. An army man should be a soldier and not a Jawan.
Grammar should be accurate. Only thoroughly proof read pieces must be submitted. Subject and verb should agree and there should be no double negatives. Apostrophes, commas, colons and semi colons, brackets, dashes and inverted commas should be used correctly and only when needed. Full stops, however, should be plentiful. Infinitives must never be split. There should be no repetitions and a paragraph break should be judged not by the length of text but by change of context.

Please also refer to: About "Guide to Style and Writing"

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