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Style Chapter 2: Clear Focus
vandanagoyal wrote in visionindia2047
 It is very important that your writing has a clear purpose. 
It is also good to tell the reader early on what you are going to write about. Thereafter, the Information should be given systematically and with clarity. 
The writing should not overwhelm the reader with too much information. Keeping in mind the length of your article,  you should avoid using superfluous words or information that will waste your space.
Focus, like in photography, should serve to sharpen the  scope of your writing  within the permissible word limit. Like a photographer find the target in the large view and focus on one object. There should be no confusion about what you intend to showcase. 
Irrelevant details distract from this focus. Statistical data should be given only to support the argument of your writing. 
Your writing should have one controlling idea. Readers expect that the writing will support this idea with  logical  information. 
You often come across articles where you have no idea what the author wants to say till you are half way through the piece. As an example, here is an article
Changing rules of dharma by Gurcharan Das, published on Times of India website. First two paragraphs of this article should have been deleted and this should have been the starting line "India is in the midst of a dire crisis and we don't seem to realise how much we are hurting." This is an example of how good thinkers and writers can lose impact without focus.
The first two paragraphs confuse the reader, they give no indication of and have no bearing on the rest of the article. Even though, both the top and the bottom half of the article give good information in themselves, they are not connected to each other. The first half does not talk about the things which are the focus of the main article. 
Most effective writing is like fine public speaking. Dale Carnegie said of good public speaking " tell them what you are going to tell them, then tell them, then tell them what you have just told them." 
In your writing come to the point early, make the point, conclude and end the article.

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