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Your Vision of India in 2047
What is your vision of India 2047

December 23rd, 2008 Indian Action, www.livejournal.com and the goyal foundation announce a scholarship and rewards program 2009-2011 for quarterley awards to best essays on Vision India 2047 community on livejournal India.

What is Your Vision of India 100 years from inception as a nation.

India has been since time immemorial. It is futile to put age to Indian idea or civilization. It is necessary to ensure it remains ageless, strong and going stronger.

I believe India is the original civilization and all else has come later.

This, the natural creation, defenseless and imperfect has been transformed by human and nature over thousands of years.

The greatness of Indian idea is well known. It embraces, accepts, tolerates & creates. India is greater than a nation, a country, a sovreign. India is mother.

But India is also weak. It has imperfections. Will India - not just the idea but the nation - survive till 2047? And if it will, will it be a healthy, happy, prosperous, equal, defensible nation? Will it be earth's crown jewel or its miserable pit.

Will India just remain a nation with an economy and a border or will it rise and take its place as the greatest idea. Will Indians rediscover and then reinforce the idea of a nation conceived in peace, Ahimsa, tolerance, love, equality and opportunity. Will we, the Indians, take forth what has been given us by nature and greatest of humans.

Will India be a nation of pure cultures, nurtured and proud, all singularly alive and living together?

Will India be land of intellectual discourse and great philosophical discovery again.

Will India renew itself each day.

Will India defend it self.

Will India protect its weakest and be kind to them.

Will there be equality in India.

Will the girl child be protected and proudly sought.

Will woman have a place of honour.

Will poverty end.

Will all be educated.

Will there be equal opportunity.

Will it be the nation with clean or poisoned environment.

Will it be a nation at peace within.

Will true democracy develop and will mediacrity and dynasty end their menace.

Will nature return, will riers fill up, glaciers ice up, meadows turn green, flowers bloom. bird and animal live with human.

Will there be dignity for all.

Will there be just laws enforced ably and promptly.

Will corrupt minds be mended and clean honest conduct prevail.

Will the voiceless have a voice?

Will it be a land of poetry, prose, science and math, music and dance again?

What will become of India and what will we make of it. Who will inherit this nation? The mean, the corrupt, the outlaw, the rich or the honest, decent and able? Will they inherit it through peace or violence?

India, above all else, needs intellectual discourse to form and shape this nation for the next hundred, thousand years.

India needs the power of ideas and force of will. It is not enough to dream. It is necessary to have a personal vision of India. And then possess the will to make that vision come true.

We invite your vision and then build a new bond with those with the higher ideal and vision to take deliberate steps towards 2047.

Do you have a vision?

Do you have a vision of India?

Do you have a vision of India in 2047?

Share your Vision India 2047 here, with us, with all.

The Vision India discussion invites contributions. Finest written, photo and video essays will be rewarded.

In partnership with LiveJournal, KERI ( inc. as a charity ) and The Goyal Foundation, we are pleased to present this program of Vision India 2047.

- Ajay Goyal